Medicaid put people to work and supports individuals with disabilities living independently.

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This year we're proud to feature Judy Warth for our Pro Day facilitator. Judy has spent a career working directly with people with disabilities, communities, business and the people who support them (families, direct care staff and educators) to develop interdependent communities. Her work includes capacity-building with employment professionals, paraprofessionals and others interested in full lives for all people; supporting and engaging people with disabilities in developing their leadership and employment skills; partnering with businesses to find the economic advantages of hiring workers with disabilities; and systems development.


APSE has always supported, and always will support, equal rights and fair treatment for everyone, both in the workplace and in the community. As our community has demonstrated time and again, voicing your dissatisfaction through peaceful protesting IS a powerful tool. Protecting that right is essential. APSE stands, proudly, in solidarity with those brave individuals currently engaged in peaceful protest against inequity, injustice, and racial disparity. #BlackLivesMatter

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All People Have the Right to Work

All people, regardless of what disability they have, have the right to work a job they choose and matches their skills and personal interests.

How to Help

Help influence public policy - capitol building

Help Influence Public Policy

Public policies must support people with disabilities having real jobs. Money for services should be spent on people having jobs in the community.


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How You Can Get Involved

Just calling your state an Employment First state is not enough. “Employment First” is when everyone who wants a job, has a job. People like you can make a difference.


Medicaid puts people to work and supports individuals with disabilities living independently

Did You Know?

42% of Medicaid funding pays for services and supports for individuals with disabilities.

Medicaid is the primary funder of employment services and supports for individuals with disabilities.

42% Pie Chart Illustrated
75% Pie Chart Illustrated

More than 75% of State Medicaid waivers offer supported employment services.

350,000 individuals with developmental disabilities are waiting for services.

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Cuts in Medicaid = Cuts in Employment and Independence


Medicaid supports employment services and support

How It Supports

Employment Services and Support

Access to Health and Medical Services

Personal Assistance Services

Peer Support Services

Targeted Case Management Services

Rehabilitation Services

What is the impact for Employment Services if either Block Grants or Per Capita Caps are established?

Bullet Point with #1.
Steep funding cuts to service systems and service provers for employment supports.

Bullet point with #2.
Rate cuts for service providers.

Bullet point with #3.
Further limits or complete lack of availability of long-term post-placement supports.

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The Bottom Line

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Under the current Block Grant and Per Capita Cap proposals, people with disabilities would be unable to receive the necessary services and supports for gainful employment and independent living.

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